LaHost were formed from the ashes of the Norwich Progressive band Airbridge. Airbridge were very sucessful in the early 1980s, releasing an album 'Paradise moves' and a single 'Words and pictures'. This single had the distinction of being one of Malcolm Bradburys choices on his 'Desert Island Discs' on Radio 4. On the demise of Airbridge, Sean Godfrey (Bass) and Stephen Bennett (Keyboards) set out to recruit members for a new band who, while maintaining their progressive roots, would embrace new technology and move the genre forwards. Guitarist David Valentine-Haggart was auditioned and impressed with his mighty wang bar and E-Bow. After auditioning several drummers (Including THE LOUDEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD), a young chap named Fudge was found. Fudge could play all the fiendishly complex time signatures that Stephen could throw at him - often all at the same time. To this day, no one knows why Fudge is Fudge. Vocalists were also tried, including th aptly named 'Crazy Steve'

Fudge brought along a friend, Mark Spencer, who just happened to be a singer. He was auditioned, and the job of frontman was his. Fudge also had another friend, Jaff, who just happened to be a percussionist. A quick flam on his Simmons kit and he was in too. LaHost was born. The Watton mafia had arrived.

Frantic rehearsing started. Frantic because Sean had booked the bands first gig at Nowich's legendary 'Whites' pub. IQ had played there, as had a band with a drummer with seven toms whose fills were always in 7 time as he hit each drum one after another. I fondly remember IQ's Martin Orford's mighty mellotron blaring out over the chat-up lines.

Heavy touring followed. Marquee supports were played to enthusiastic audiences. DVH left to be replaced by Spindle who left to be replaced by Mark Wyatt. A single 'Just Breaking Away / The Big Sleep' was recorded at The Enids studio in Suffolk. It was engineered by Simon Osbourne who has gone on to work with such unknown acts as Sting and Phil Collins.

The bands final Gig was to a large audience at The Rock Garden in London.

Erotic Antiques, a compilation of all the LaHost recordings so far was released in 1989

Who wants to die in credit anyhow?