April 2018

Finally, we are announcing the release of a new band's eponymous album, Galasphere 347 on Norway's Karisma label.

It features myself and members of White Willow and Änglagård it's an anglo-Scandinavian mixture and probably the most 'prog' thing I've ever done! 

If you're interested, the band's label site is here with a taster video and pre-order details.

The label say (make of that what you will!)

"Together, these vastly experienced musicians seamlessly incorporate the technical spectacle of progressive rock with the distorted insistence of Krautrock, via the intimacy of the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre, to produce a three-track album that spans a total of forty minutes".

Varrod Goblink's done a great gatefold cover too.


March 2018

The eponymous debut album is finished … more news to come soon!

July 2017

Mixing has started on the Galasphere 37 album mentioned below, a band featuring members of White Willow, namely Norwegians Jacob Holm-Lupo (guitar, bass) , Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (flute, keyboards), Mattias Olsson (drums, percussion, keyboards) and myself (vocals,guitars and keyboards). Expecting it to be finished later this year. There are just three long pieces and we are having a lot of un making it. Jarrod is again doing the cover.

I also appear to be playing keyboards on on Ketil’s new album WESERBERGLAND – «SEHR KOSMICH, GANZ PROGISCH»

I’d forgotten!

Weserbergland digital cover art-640x640.jpg

December 2017

The follow up to Stupid things that mean the world , Tim Bowness’ Lost in the Ghost Light is released on Inside Out in early 2017. The album sees a further and deeper writing collaboration between myself and Tim and the songs on the album are, I think, amongst some of the best we’ve ever done. The Cover, by Jarrod Gosling, is fantastic, especially on gatefold vinyl. You can pre-order it here.


The album features Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), Hux Nettermalm (Paatos) and Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum) joined by guests including Kit Watkins (Happy The Man/Camel), Steve Bingham (no-man) and the legendary Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Andrew Keeling (Robert Fripp/Hilliard Ensemble/Evelyn Glennie) arranges for string quartet and flute on three of the album’s songs.

The Scandinavian/UK album mentioned below now has a name — Galasphere 347. Beside myself,the band consist of the superb Ketil Vestrum Einarsen, Jacob Holm-Lupo and Mattias Olsson and featuring three very long pieces it should be out early 2017 as well. 

May 2015

Oh how time flies. Just completed Tim’s follow up to ‘Abandoned dancehall dreams’ - Stupid things that mean the world. Again I played on it, did a lot of the recording and editing and wrote a song with Tim. I’m also working on a project with some great musicians from Sweden and Norway - more news when I have it. For now here’s a bit of Opium Cartel.

March 2014

Busy few months. Finished off Tim Bowness’ new album Abandoned dancehall dreams - I played keyboards, edited and wrote a couple of songs with Tim. It was mixed by Steven Wilson. Working with Bob Hodds of WeDoBandStuff on a Henry fool tour this summer. Sadly, Tim won’t be joining us as he prepares for the tour to promote his album - on which most of Henry Fool will be playing! I’s getting like the Canterbury scene here…...

August 2013

Whew - lots happening over the last couple of months. hence the radio silence.

We've been preparing for the re-release of the long deleted eponymous Henry Fool debut album, working on the third one  alongside the band's debut gig at the Garage in Islington on the 24th with Colin Edwin on bass. We hope to do many more soon!

There is also, possibly, some interesting news regarding my old band LaHost. Don't want to say much in case jinx it!

April 2013

The Fire Thieves album 'Back to Stereo' is now available via Burning Shed or iTunes.

March 2013

Men Singing is out now. Three page article in April's Prog magazine and reviews coming in. My favourite so far.

Follow Henry Fool on Twitter @HenryFoolBand and join our Facebook page 

January 2013

More on the Henry Fool album including pre order details from our record company K-Scope

Also available from Burning Shed

December 2012

Henry Fool's Men Singing - a four track instrumental album featuring members of No-Man, I Monster and Roxy Music - will be released on the Kscope label on March 11th.

Produced and arranged by band founders keyboardist Stephen Bennett and guitarist Tim Bowness (Steven Wilson's creative partner in No-Man), the album has been mixed by Jarrod Gosling (I Monster/Regal Worm), who also contributes Mellotron, glockenspiel and the wonderfully surreal artwork.

Appearing on Everyone In Sweden and Man Singing, Phil Manzanera's legendary guitar skills can be heard in the context of long-form instrumental music for the first time since his celebrated stint in 1970s mavericks Quiet Sun.

A vibrant and instinctive contemporary take on Progressive and Jazz Rock styles, Men Singing will be available as a limited edition cd in vinyl replica artwork, a standard cd and an LP.

For now, there's a 6 minute album sampler at and a Tim Bowness blog about the making of the album at

October 2012

Busy musical month. 

I'm working on a track for the new Opium Cartel album. It's a typically lovely yet epic song from Jacob Holm-Lupo, with unusual tonalities and pace.

I'm hard at work on an orchestral score for the Arms Race Steampunk web TV series.

Jarrod Gosling of iMonster and The Regal Worm is mixing the second henry fool album. The third is almost written and both feature a couple of exciting collaborations. We'll also be re releasing the debut album with extra tracks.

August 2012

Tim's No-Man Tour Diary is here.

Tim Bowness and I were guests on Steve Davis' Interesting Alternative Show (yes, the snooker player - he presents with Kavus Torabi of the Cardiacs) on Monday 6/8/12. Tim played some his (and my) favourite tracks and we played a few snippets of the new henry fool album. Download here.

July 2012

No-Man are touring Europe! Information here. Playing England, Germany, Poland and Holland.

January 2012

This is the  trailer for Love And Endings, the new CD/DVD and Vinyl album from the band No-Man (with Tim Bowness and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson)

You can buy it here. If enough of you do, it will chart! The Vinyl is particularly fine.

And here's a micro-site Tony Kinson will be hosting.

January 2012

Posted a cover of 'If you could read my mind.' I love this song and this is how I always hear it in my head - very different from the original!

July 2011

'Back to Stereo' is now available via iTunes or CD baby. CDs are also available - from here

Working on the new henry fool album

Rehearsing for the No-Man show in Lemington Spa

I appear on the 'Memories of machines' album 'Warm Winter'

January 2009

After a long gestation, The Fire Thieves album 'Back to Stereo' is finally finished! Not sure about availability, but I am hoping it'll be soon. 

May 2008

Tim Bowness and Giancarlo Erra (NoSound) came over to work on an album they are doing together. Tim also did some vocals for the Opium Cartel album and we reviewed the henry fool material - which is almost complete bar the mixing and some editing. The Tim/Giancarlo album is as beautiful in its own way as the New No-Man (see below) and it's been an honour and a pleasure to work on the songs.


Opium Cartel

The new No-Man album (the band with Tim  and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree) , Schoolyard Ghosts is out now and it's absolutely lovely.

April 2008

My latest book on Logic Audio is out from PC-Publishing (

There's more about 'Logic 8 Tips and Tricks' at

December 2007

Tim's visit proved fruitful. As well as working on new No-Man tracks, we also worked on songs from other collaborators as well as some henry fool material. I also got a chance to record my new (old) harmonium for the first time. Added my TV showreel to the website under the Music/Movies section.

November 2007

Tim Bowness has been over to work on new material for No-Man, henry fool and various other musical collaborations. The new No-Man album is promising to be amongst his and Steven Wilson's best work with the band.

Studio is up and running

September 2007

Moving into new house/studio

Working on the henry fool sessions. Tim is scheduled to come to Chaos studios in November to work on the new album and other projects.

Working on the next Fire Thieves album

Working on songs with Sara Rönneke

Writing new books for PC-Publishing

Who wants to die in credit anyhow?